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Coles Fresh Stikeez

Coles Fresh Stikeez has come to an end, we hope you enjoyed collecting them!

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Meet the Coles Fresh Stikeez

Learn more about each Stikeez and add them to your online collection here.

Rainbow Challenge Curtis

Download your free Rainbow Challenge Chart

Help your kids track when they eat different coloured fruit and veg by marking it off on the Rainbow Challenge Chart. Simply print and display at home!

Take the challenge

Curtis’ Rainbow Challenge Recipes

The Rainbow Challenge is all about helping kids eat a ‘rainbow’ of different coloured fruit and veg. Be inspired and have fun in the kitchen with these delicious Rainbow Recipes.

Healthy Kids Association

The Coles Fresh Stikeez love healthy eating, that’s why they’ve partnered with the Healthy Kids Association! For fun activities and to learn more, click the button below.

Collect RARE Stikeez and Win!

Find the rarest Stikeez of them all, the Golden Billy Banana, to claim a $100 Coles gift card! And, don’t forget about the other rare Stikeez. They might be hard to find, but will create the ultimate collection!

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